Upgrading your home’s siding can go a long way for the appearance of the home. Beyond appearance, siding updates also have some home performance and efficiency perks.

Give your home a facelift with new or repaired siding

Siding is one of those areas of the home that you don’t realize needs an update until you wake up one day, look at it and can’t stand the sight of it. That’s where we come in. We pride ourselves in completing jobs in a timely manner, while also making quality our top priority. There’s no faster way to overhaul and improve the appearance of your home than replacing or upgrading you siding.

Improve your home’s performance and durability

Old, ineffective siding can be the culprit behind many home durability issues. If there are cracks and gaps in your home’s siding, excess moisture is likely getting between your siding and whatever is beneath it. A moisture barrier below your siding can help keep out most moisture, but if one is not present, that moisture will saturate the wood that is holding up your home. Once saturated, wood is more likely to rot and transfer that moisture to your insulation.

Home performance, and the comfort and efficiency that result from optimal performance, starts with your building envelope. When we replace siding we make sure that the surface below has a proper moisture barrier and effective air sealing. We can even add foam board insulation to enhance your thermal barrier. So while siding upgrades are often thought of as aesthetic enhancement, they are also tied to your home’s performance.

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