Remodeling Services

American AWS entered the home improvement world as a remodeling company, focussing on awnings, windows and siding, before incorporating home performance as well. Due to our roots in the remodeling sector, we aren’t a typical energy retrofit company. While we can provide all the comfort, health and energy improvements a typical home performance company provides, we also provide top quality awning & enclosure construction, window improvements and replacements and siding improvements and replacements.

Awning & Enclosure Upgrades

Long Island residents know that the one thing they can count on year round is unpredictable weather. From blizzards in the winter to hurricanes in the summer, we see it all on Long Island and aim to help our customers endure the elements in comfort. Awnings and enclosures combine the allure of being outside with the comfort of being inside when the weather is at its worst.

Window Upgrades & Replacements

Windows contribute greatly to your home’s aesthetic as well as its performance. Poorly installed windows not only look bad, but also create a multitude of problems for homes. Windows that are improperly sealed can let air and moisture into your home. With moisture comes mold and decay, which can both compromise the structural integrity of your home and lead to costly repairs. With air, you either letting untreated air infiltrate your home or expensive conditioned air escape. Air leaks cause homes to work harder to stay comfortable, costing you more in utilities and increasing the likelihood of a breakdown.

Siding Replacement & Repairs

If your siding is old, outdated or beginning to weather, it might be time to consider having it replaced or repaired. Apart from making your home look better and more inviting, replacing your siding can have some unanticipated effects on your home’s performance. If you have cracks or leaks in your siding, water and moisture will seep through and saturate whatever is below your siding. If you don’t have an effective moisture barrier, the wood below your siding and then insulation below the wood can become moist leading to mold and decay of both materials.

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