Home Performance Contracting

In today’s economy it makes perfect sense to find ways to reduce your monthly energy costs, lowering the amount you spend each month to heat or air condition your home. American AWS is among the top contractors on Long Island for home performance upgrades, with services for every room and system in your house.

Home performance supports your lifestyle, comfort and health

Remember that home performance is not only about energy efficiency – it's about occupant comfort and health as well. When your indoor temperature is fluctuating from day to day and season to season, you're not as comfortable as you deserve to be. Issues such as poor indoor air quality can also emerge – contributing to allergies, asthma and itchiness.

We can solve your home performance problems, and the best news is that it doesn't need to be expensive. Take advantage of government energy grants, tax rebates, financing options and incentives that can reduce the upfront investment costs for energy efficient upgrades. Just talk to your American AWS representative for all the latest information on these financial incentives.

Our customers can't wait to get to their homes at the end of every day!

It all starts with a home energy audit, a check-up for your home

You can only fix what you know is broken. For building scientists, determining what's broken means performing an energy audit. Our certified technicians will test your home for all the following potential issues:

  • Excess energy consumption by each major machine and appliance
  • Energy waste through air leakage and insufficient insulation
  • Health and safety problems related to home mechanicals and air supply
  • And more ...

The audit helps create a step-by-step action plan for your home performance upgrade. The American AWS team has experience with every common system in Long Island houses, so we can offer a whole-home, full-service approach to the work.

Some upgrades we may recommend and implement for your home are:

  • Insulation improvements – cellulose and spray foam insulation can do a lot for your home's energy efficiency and comfort
  • Better air sealing – from doors and windows to floors, ceilings and ductwork, air leakage is a drain on home performance
  • Better indoor air quality – we can address humidity, mold and pollen problems, supporting overall health

American AWS takes great pride in ensuring that each and every customer is 100% satisfied with the quality of our work. That is especially true of our home performance jobs. We want every home we work on to use less energy and feel more comfortable to its occupants. Call us today to get started!