Air Sealing

American AWS has been providing air sealing and weatherization services all over Long Island for over 25 years. The results speak for themselves – our customers can't wait to get to their homes at the end of every day!

Why air sealing matters for both new and old homes

No matter how well your home was designed and built, it's always possible for cracks and leaks to show up in certain areas – some obvious and some hidden. This can have dramatic effects on energy efficiency and occupant comfort.  

The answer? Air sealing. Even before worrying about insulation, you want to stop heated or conditioned air from escaping your living spaces. Air flowing out is equivalent to money flowing out, and it also has a negative effect on your comfort level.

Get your air sealing and weatherization done by a professional team

You can address the obvious air leaks in your home with some products from the store and a few hours of your own time. But you need to bring in a professional team to handle the full job. In fact, if you only seal the leaks that you can see, you'll completely miss most of the leakage. Air will continue to rush through your living spaces and into the attic, the basement and the outdoors.

Here are some of the areas we seal:

  • Hard-to-reach attic spaces – we get all the way into the corners of your attic
  • Kitchen and dryer vents – these vents pass through hidden nooks that we can reach
  • Heating and air conditioning ductwork – we want to keep the heated and conditioned air flowing to your living space, not lost along the way
  • Attic hatches and doors – we can design and install a solution for this passageway
  • Electrical outlets – they may look small, but they leak a lot of air
  • And more ...

When you start to think about how many joints and openings exist in your home, you start to realize just how much air is passing in and out every day. When outdoor temperatures reach their extremes here on Long Island – at the height of the summer and the depth of winter – air leakage becomes even more intense. Professional air sealing is the solution.

Remember, the satisfaction you'll get from air sealing is two-fold! You get more comfort in every season, and you get significant savings on your monthly utility bill.

Get started today! The American AWS team can evaluate your home for hidden air leaks and seal the entire structure. Call now to schedule an appointment.