About Us

Bob Schwartz, Owner of American AWSAMERICAN AWS was incorporated in the state of New York in 1986.  The founders have been in the home improvement industry longer for decades working for other home improvement companies they learned their trade.  They gathered the expertise to become one of today’s leading and sought after remodeling and weatherization companies serving all of Long Island.

The two founders of AMERICAN AWS, Robert Schwartz President of AMERICAN AWS and Leon Felsher, Vice President, were among the leading proponents in early days of solar energy. Today the founders and the company maintain a vigilance to remain at the forefront of energy efficiencies providing cost saving to the home owner and to commercial property owners as well

Leon Felsher, Vice President, American AWS

Headquartered in Holbrook, New York, they maintain an administrative office, a showroom and warehouse for materials. AMERICAN AWS knows the real business is at your home or commercial property, so just call us, you are only a short ride away!